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Intensive Care

A Critical Care Unit also known as Intensive care is a specialised area in the hospital that manages patients who are critically ill or those requiring closer monitoring than is available on a general ward.

Information For Families

Being a critical care is often a confusing and frightening experience for patients and families. We hope that the information here will help support and prepare you and your family.

Recovery After ICU

Recovery from critical illness can be frustratingly slow and continues after patient’s leave hospital.t is common for patients to experience challenges in their recovery. Discover what to expect here.

Staff in Critical Care

Critical care units have much higher staffing levels than other wards because of the patients they care for. Our team includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and support staff.


Critical Care can be an overwhelming experience full of complex equipment and unfamiliar sounds. Here you will find a guide to some of the most frequently used devices.

Help and Support

It's important to get help and support early to assist in your recovery from critical illness. Here we have provided useful resources and links to assist you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Critical illness is a difficult time for families and this can be compounded by the complex ICU environment. You will have many questions and staff are always available to explain...

Infection Control Advice

Critical Care patient's are at increased risk of infections due to weakened immune systems and the nature of their illness. Simple measures can help minimise infection risk ...

Looking After Yourself

It is important to look after yourself when a family members is critically ill. Nursing staff will encourage you to get enough rest and eat and drink well...

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